Elizabeth Goes to Comic Con for the First Time

We were lucky enough to attend one day (Sunday) for the Comic Con this year. Being a photographer really helped so we can capture some of the awesome details from the show. There was way too much to do in one day so we were speed walking all day :D

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What Every Bride Ought to Know About Bridal Sessions (The Big Secret Revealed)

Bridal sessions can be a brides best friend. In this post I explain what a bridal session is and you’ll see an example of one in action as well. The day of your wedding is pretty stressful and goes by way too fast. Pamper yourself before or after your wedding so that you can enjoy your dress and looking like a princess.

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How to Plan a Wedding in Less Than 2 Weeks (DON’T try This at Home)

These two wedding photographer (Which just so happens to be us, lol) got married in only 2 weeks. Check out how smooth this went and get some ideas/ inspiration. People said that it couldn’t be done….. They were wrong ;) We made it and are now stronger than ever.

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Why is Photography Important?

Why is photography important to everyone? Maybe because almost anybody in the world can understand what’s going on in a photograph? Maybe because…

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Wedding Planning Tips: Advice Every Bride Must Know Before the Big Day

These wedding planning tips will make your life easy and you’ll be glad you read them. Check out the infographic and start planning your big day. Always remember that your budget always comes first. Don’t get caught into planning someone else’s wedding.

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San Diego photographer spotlight: Advice You can Apply to Your Life Right Now

I reached out to Rob Hammer and he was cool enough to meet up with me and share some great advice that I think all of you can really benefit from.

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Portrait Photography Tips: Get the Best Possible Photographs You can out of the Session

These portrait photography tips will show you what you need as a client and what a photographer wants. Use this to truly understand portrait photography and create images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime… I kid you not :D

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